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Within the state of California are a variety of ways for children to receive an education. This variety is found within two legal sectors: public or private schools. Public schools are funded by taxpayers. Private schools are funded by individuals. The term “home education” is not a legal reference, but a style of education found in both public and private school. In selecting your own preferences for home-based educations, recognize there are different options within each sector available to you.

Regarding Support Groups: These are for encouragement purposes and do not offer record keeping services.

This is for informational purposes only.

Private Affidavit Option – Ed Code §48222

You have the option of establishing your own private school, then filing an affidavit. As a private school, you establish your own school guidelines while operating within state education codes for maintaining records and course of study. You are required to file the affidavit between October 1st and 15th. HSLDA suggests that you keep in contact with them, CHEA,
or CHN for information. Affidavit filing can be done online at www.cde.ca.gov/privateschools

Public ISP / Charter Option – Ed Code §51745 et seq.

There are public school program available to home educators in your county or the surrounding counties. Some local school districts provide programs through their Child Welfare and Attendance Office or through their Alternative Education Departments. These programs may be listed as charter schools or independent study programs. Contact your school district or your county’s education office for information on their programs. Parents participate in teaching their children through an off-campus environment, the home. Requirements vary according to each program and each has regulations set forth by the California Education Code for public schools.

Private PSP Option – Ed Code §48222

Another option in the private sector is to enroll in a program already established within a private school which governs your methods of teaching and record keeping. These private Schools Satellite Programs (PSP), previously known as Independent Study Programs (ISP), each offer programs unique to their own mission statement. A PSP may be linked with a private campus school. Some PSPs have correspondence options. Attention should be given as to whether correspondence schools meet the private school law in California. If not, you may need to follow the directions for filing a private school affidavit, according to the above directions. Tuition for PSPs varies according to services provided.

Tutor Option – Ed Code §48224

Parents may employ a credentialed teacher to tutor their children, or may act as tutors themselves if they are credentialed.