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Bonnie CerrutiBlue Lily Goods

Bonnie Cerruti

Bonnie Cerruti has homeschooled for 17 years. Her girls are 36, 22 and 16. Bonnie has been involved, with VHE for several years. She teaches part-time at a public charter school and her philosophy is to make learning fun.  Bonnie has been living the “ballet mom” life for the last several years which included purchasing a boat to live on part-time while her daughter attended SF Ballet School.  With her youngest having only a few years left of school, Bonnie started thinking about how life will be with no children at home and how all the hustle and bustle will stop.  With this in mind, she started building a business and a brand.  Blue Lily Goods is currently sold on Amazon.  In addition, Bonnie is on a mission to remind moms and dads how special our time is, when we sit together at the table, with our family and has recently started a Facebook Community Page, Round the Table. She hopes to inspire busy families to take that time to connect face to face. While looking to purchase a paper notebook, Bonnie stumbled on the SMART Notebook.  When it arrived she realized this was the  PERFECT solution for anyone but especially homeschool families.  Her booth is being shared with Classical Learning Resource Center, one of her favorite on-line schools.  Come visit and learn about the Classical Learning Resource Center and the Blue Lily Goods brand. 

Bonnie's Exhibitor Workshop is titled "How to be SMART using a SMART notebook".
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