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Kris CordellWriting With Kris

Over 20 years ago, Kris began her own homeschool journey when her oldest child was ready to "start school." For the next ten years, she enjoyed traveling the road of a homeschool mom of four...with twists and turns, as well as ups and downs. Then Kris decided it would be "fun" to invite a few friends to join her children for a literature study. She quickly learned that most parents struggle with teaching their children to write...and most children struggle with learning writing from their parents. To the child, it seems like "It's never good enough for Mom."  Similarly, Mom struggles to know "What should I expect from my child?" After all, there is no answer key to your child's writing.  And so the journey began.  Needless to say, one thing led to another, and more than twelve years later, Kris's journey as a writing teacher continues as she works with teachers, parents, and students to discover that anyone can learn to write well – even your child!

Kris' Exhibitor Workshops are titled "Unlocking the Mysteries of Teaching Your Children to Write". Check out the Workshop Schedule for more information!