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"The website was very easy and helped me plan ahead! Got me excited to come!"
"Thank you so much for all your hard work & effort in putting together this convention every year! It is a blessing & encouragement to me!"
"Fantastic convention…I will be back next year. This was my first time attending your conference…well done!"
"Thank you for your faithful support of homeschool families. We love this conference."
"I really enjoyed being able to bring my 16 year old daughter. She has a passion for homeschooling and preserving the parental rights of homeschooling families. She really enjoyed the convention, learned a lot, and is excited to start school this September."
"First year & it was so worth it!"
"This convention is awesome. It’s great to see, hear, smell the educational items before I buy things."
"Thank you for everything. I have been to Homeschool conventions all over California and your convention is heads and tails above all of the ones we have attended. This is my 2nd year and I will continue coming."
"Loved the extra waters, the garbage cans, the option of the banquet dinner—can’t wait until next year!"
“I love this convention and look forward to it all year!  I really loved all the topics. And I like how certain presenters returned so I could see them again. I would like to have the handouts/PowerPoint to go with the CD’s.”
“This convention was well-laid out and there were many helpful vendors.  I was happy with all of the classes I attended. The website was very helpful with planning what classes I wanted to attend.”

“This was one of my favorite VHE conventions yet.  Very excellent mix of speakers for all types of homeschoolers.  REALLY thankful you’re addressing needs for high school more and more.”

“You always seem to have a variety of topics to focus on young ages to high school.  That is so helpful.  Your website was very clear with dates, locations, speakers, and hotel info.  Made our trip easy!”

“The nursing area was a very sweet act of kindness.”

“Everyone is so friendly and helpful.  This is our 2nd year driving over 6 hours to get here!  We love it!  Thank you!”

“This has been wonderful!  Thank you.  My first time here.”

"I love this conference! It totally re-energizes me to begin another school year."

"Thank you so much for putting on this convention every year. I so enjoy coming. It is always a blessing!"

"Love the massage. I enjoy this convention; there is a great atmosphere here. The speakers are always sincere and full of good info."
"This year I feel I had more opportunities to shop on the exhibit floor (bigger blocks of time.) Well done."