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Convention FAQs

  • How do I Pre-register? +

    Pre-registration available online! Pre-register today!
  • Where do I buy tickets for the Convention Banquet? +

    They may be purchased online until midnight on July 23, 2017; they may also be purchased at the convention at the Info Table on Friday until sold out. There is limited seating.
  • Do nearby hotels offer discounted rates for the convention? +

    Yes. The most convenient is the on-site DoubleTree Hotel; use the link here to access the discounted room rates (rates expire 6/26/16) See our website Accommodations page for other nearby hotel options.
  • Where Do I Park? +

    Parking is available at the 9th Street Parking Garage on the south side of 9th Street, south of the DoubleTree Hotel. It is covered and free if validated at the DT Hotel front desk, unless you spend the night at the hotel—they charge an overnight security fee.

    There is also a Modesto City parking lot north of the Modesto Centre Plaza which is RV-friendly. The cost is $5/hour with a max of $20 for 24 hours.
  • Can I buy tickets for individual days or Exhibit Hall only? +

    No, VHE has one inexpensive entry price that covers both days and the whole convention experience. Visit the Convention Overview to see our pre-registration, at-the-door, children & adult, and family rates.
  • Do you have a Family Package? +

    Yes, we have a Family Rate that covers immediate family members living under the same roof. Grandparents may enter FREE with paid attendees!
  • What is your Children Policy? +

    Children are welcome!  View the Children Policy.
  • Do you offer scholarships or volunteer subsidies? +

    VHE does not offer scholarships, but volunteers are vital to the operation of the convention—and can get in FREE! Please see the Volunteer section for more details.
  • Why do you charge an entry fee? +

    All entry fees collected go towards covering the building rental, speaker costs, and other expenses of putting on a convention.
  • Is VHE organized by a for-profit or non-profit organization? +

    VHE has always been a 501c3 Not for Profit organization that is produced completely by unpaid homeschool families, just like you! If you have a heart for homeschool families VHE can match your gifts and talents to a place of service. We just need to get acquainted!
    Please see the Volunteer section for more details.
  • Where can I get food and drink? +

    We have water stations throughout the Convention Hall; feel free to ask at the Information Tables near the entry if you need help. Food and drinks may be purchased in several restaurants within walking distance and in the DoubleTree. Check for coupons at the Info Tables. You are welcome to bring your lunch; there are a few small tables and chairs scattered throughout. Please be careful with food and drinks around the Exhibit Hall.
  • Where is a private spot to nurse my baby? +

    A “Nursing Nook” is located behind the drapes in the space between the DoubleTree Hotel and the Modesto Centre Plaza (on the map between #126 & J). There are also chairs near the Restrooms on both levels of the Modesto Centre Plaza.
  • What is the “Stressed Out Moms” Corner? +

    We wanted to provide a resting place for moms who need a break or someone to talk with or simply to connect with another mom. It is located in the main Exhibit Hall, northwest corner and you can get a massage, special drink, and chocolate there.
  • What is the difference between “Numbered” and “Lettered” Exhibitor Spaces? +

    “Numbered” spaces are located in the Centre Plaza’s Grand Lobby and Exhibit Hall; “Lettered” spaces are located in the DoubleTree Hallway.
  • How do I find the Workshop Rooms? +

    There is a map on page 4 of the convention program. When you enter the main doors, “tree workshop rooms” are to your right (in the Modesto Centre Plaza): Arbor Theatre, Pistache, Gingko, & Ash/Magnolia.

     “City-named workshop rooms” are to your left (in the DoubleTree Hotel section): Sacramento and San Jose rooms plus the Ballrooms.
  • What is the difference between a “Workshop” and an “Exhibitor Workshop? +

    ”Regular Workshops" feature speakers on various educational/inspirational topics, not sales promotions or demonstrations of specific products/services.

    "Exhibitor Workshops" provide an opportunity for Exhibitors to demonstrate their products/services, as well as teach and answer questions.
  • Sometimes I can’t get into the workshops; what can I do? +

    The best way to get into workshops is to be at the classroom early, before the class starts. While we cannot guarantee a seat in the workshops, we try to anticipate the number of people that will be interested.
  • Can I purchase a recording of the workshops? +

    Yes, unless there is a “not recorded” icon on the workshop title. Visit the Manna Recording & Duplication booth at the north end of the Modesto Centre Plaza hallway to order CD’s and MP3 recordings. The CD’s are available on-site; the MP3 recordings will be mailed to you a few weeks after the convention. Recordings may also be ordered after the convention from their website: www.MannaRecording.com. Manna sets their own prices and operates independently of VHE.
  • What time is the Exhibit Hall open? +

    Our Exhibit Hall is open for the entire convention!
  • What is the Convention schedule? +

    Overall the convention runs Friday: 10:00am to 8:00pm and Saturday: 9:00am to 5:00pm. View the Convention Schedule.
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Exhibitor FAQs

  • What size is my booth and is anything included with it? +

    Each “Exhibitor Booth Space” shall consist of one decorated 8' x 2' table, and two chairs within a 8' x 10' area bordered by pipe and drape, and one sign with the Exhibitor’s business name. This will be provided by the decorator company.

    Exhibitors using multiple spaces will have the 3' ft. high sections between their booths omitted. No exhibit is permitted to extend beyond designated booth areas. The VHE Exhibitor Coordinator must approve any variances.
  • Can I choose the location of my booth? +

    The Exhibitor Coordinator tries hard to provide you your preferred booth space(s). Feel free to mention a preference on your application. VHE will attempt to accommodate the Exhibitor’s request as much as possible. VHE reserves the right to alter location of Exhibitor booths, if deemed advisable and in the best interest of the Convention.
  • Will my booth have a sign? +

    Each Exhibitor will be provided a booth sign by the Convention’s decorator company indicating such Exhibitor’s name as shown on the Application. The booth sign is approximately 12”,x18’ long. It is white with black lettering. Feel free to bring your own sign if you prefer.
  • Can I order electricity, WIFI and other options for my booth? +

    After a Exhibitor’s application is accepted, the Exhibitor will receive 2 email packets: Decorator Packet and Facility Packet one month before the convention. The confirmation packet from VHE will include information regarding electricity, etc. The Exhibitor is responsible for placing this order directly with the Decorating company. The Exhibitor will also receive a packet from the Decorator offering additional options. Again, the Exhibitor is responsible for placing that order directly with the Decorator.
  • What about Sales tax? +

    Exhibitors are responsible for the determination, collection and payment of appropriate taxes. Sales tax is currently 7.625% in the City of Modesto. A Seller’s Permit is required if you are selling taxable items in the State of California. For more information on the collection and remittance of sales tax, please visit the state of California Board of Equalization or check with your tax professional.
  • Does my booth need a Modesto Business License? +

    If your business is located within the city of Modesto, please provide VHE with your city business license number. If you are outside of the city limits, your license will be provided for the two day event under our operating permits we receive from the city.
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Volunteer FAQs

  • When should I offer to volunteer? +

    It’s never too early–or too late! It is very helpful for the convention coordinators to know they have volunteers lined up by the end of June. If you apply early, you will have more choices AND you will be a great encouragement to our coordinators!. If you decide to attend the convention at the last minute, stop by the volunteer booth next to the registration area during the convention–there may still be opportunities available! See the Volunteer section for details.
  • Do Convention Volunteers get food or Beverages? +

    No, the food in the kitchen and around the back of the exhibit hall is for VHE staff and exhibitors only. The coffee cart is for Exhibitors only, however, there are water and tea stations located throughout the convention for your convenience.
  • Can I bring my infant when I volunteer? +

    Yes! Infants are welcome with their parent while they volunteer. If you are planning on bringing an infant, just put that information in the note area of your volunteer form.
  • When do I receive my volunteer schedule? +

    If you have filled out the “become a volunteer” application completely and read all of the job descriptions on the Volunteer page, you will receive a completed schedule no later than the week before the convention. It is the goal of VHE to complete to your application within two weeks of receiving a completed application. If VHE does not receive your completed application before July 1st, you will receive an email confirmation, but your completed schedule may not be ready until the day of convention. Volunteer positions are open at a
    first come, first served basis. Do not wait to fill out your application!
  • When should I wear my name badge and wristband? +

    You must wear your badge at all times while you are volunteering. Wear your wristband both days during the whole convention. It will be a two day convention badge that says “Volunteer” at the bottom for each day that you volunteer. On both days, you must turn in your badge at the end of the day. You will need to pick it up again at the beginning of your shift. As long as you wear the badge anything you say and do will represent VHE.
  • What time should I arrive the day I volunteer? +

    Plan on arriving about one hour PRIOR to the start of your assignment to allow time to check in, get any additional instructions, get comfortable with your surroundings and ask questions. We ask that you arrive for your scheduled assignment on time. Unless otherwise noted, you must report to the Volunteer CheckIn Desk each day prior to your volunteer shift.
  • What should I wear while volunteering? +

    Comfortable clothing and walking shoes are a must at VHE. Bring a sweater as some of the workshop rooms can be chilly.
  • Is there a minimum age to sign up to be a convention volunteer? +

    Yes! The minimum age is 16 years old. Volunteers must be able to respectfully and cheerfully control adults.
  • Do I need to sign some forms? +

    Yes! Volunteers will need to sign a Waiver of Liability and Volunteer Release. If you are under 18 years old, your parent must sign it for you.
  • Will my whole family get free admission when I volunteer? +

    No, only the person who is volunteering will get the free admission.
  • Will I get complimentary parking? +

    The DoubleTree Hotel has covered parking on 9th Street south of the building that can be FREE for the day if validated at the hotel counter. If you spend the night they charge a security fee for parking there but your parking ticket can still be validated.

    The parking lot on the Modesto Centre Plaza side (north side) is an automated lot with a 5.00/hr or 20.00 per day charge.
  • Will I get free hotel accommodations? +

    No, Hotel accommodations will not be provided to the volunteers. Volunteers need to make hotel arrangements themselves. Each year, VHE hold a number of DoubleTree rooms at a discounted rate. See Accommodations for more information.
  • What if I change my mind? +

    If you cannot make it, please email our volunteer coordinator. Please do this as soon as possible so other people can sign up for that time slot.
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