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Help! I Homeschool & My House is a Mess!

Kristi Clover
Some days I feel like I have to make a decision: Will we get everything done with our homeschool work today or will I actually get my house clean? There doesn't always seem to be a middle ground. It feels like it's one or the other.Balancing homeschooling and house work is very hard work. Overwhelming work. It probably shouldn't have surprised me that one of the top questions I was asked this summer at the homeschool convention I spoke at was how I kept up with my house and homeschooling. It just showed me that other homeschool moms were thinking the same thing.Honestly, I don't always get to my house work. My house definitely does not stay as clean as it did before I started homeschooling. I should give myself some grace in that I now have five kids in the mix. I started our homeschool jo...
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Homeschool with No Regrets

Rhonda Stoppe
How you ask? How can those who educate at home avoid some of these regretful mistakes: Become pridefulSeek to find own personal value in their child's academic accomplishments Keep from being too controlling or micro-manage their child's effortsAppear judgmental to those who do not homeschoolShelter kids so much that they have no opportunity to learn from mistakesHomeschooling brings its own challenges for parents. You want to do your very best to educate your kids well, and yet there is a real temptation to find your own glory and satisfaction in your children's successes. I know, I have been a homeschooling mom.The Bible teaches that God created us for His glory. To glorify God means to represent HIS character to a watching world, to create in them an appetite for knowing Him. When ...
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Confessions of a Left-brained Mom

Pamela Gates, CLS
There she was, my 8-year-old daughter, crying at the table with her phonics workbook in front of her. This was becoming an all-too-familiar scene. I thought, "What am I doing wrong?" I loved being a homeschool mom, but schooling should not be this hard!But my other kids learned this wayAs a mother of six, I had learned to be efficient at assigning independent learning times. My older boys (11 and 9), learned to read so easily using the regular curriculum. They breezed through the phonics games. Completing their workbook assignments was not a challenge for them. Checking off each assignment from their daily list was something that gave them a sense of completion. Oral instructions were no problem, and their spelling words were learned by using the spelling curriculum and writing each word m...
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The Arts of Language

Andrew Pudewa
For many of us, the expression "Language Arts" evokes an emotional response; in some it causes excitement, but more often uncertainty, anxiety, or confusion. As with many terms, it has meanings both modern and traditional, but it is likely the newer reference to which most parents and teachers of today are oriented. On one extreme, a "complete" language arts curriculum is expected to "cover all the bases": phonics , handwriting, spelling, reading comprehension, grammar, mechanics, composition, even literature. Just the list is tiring. Doing it all seems impossible. Burnout is around the corner. At the other end of the spectrum are those who believe that reading unlocks it all; that if children justread a lot, they will naturally become good spellers and writers while also gain...
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Teaching the Reluctant Learner

Teri Spray
One day while we were attending the Christian Ministries Convention, a friend grabbed us and said, "You own a donkey, don't you? I told the director of the Easter Production to contact you. They need a donkey for the Easter program."For the next few weeks, we cringed each time the phone rang, fearing "they" would ask to use our donkey. About a month later the call came. We reluctantly agreed, though I encouraged them to keep searching, because this wasn't a donkey you could use without miraculous intervention. This donkey was a stallion, a BLM Rescue donkey who still had many of his own wild ideas! He is a gentle creature, but had been badly traumatized by trailers, since his most recent previous experience at loading involved the "business end" of a cattle prod!He was thoroug...
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Should Money Management For Kids Be Core Curriculum?

Steve & Annette Economides
by: John Doe The 2009 National Home School Research Institute proved, beyond doubt that home-schooled children excel in every measurable academic category. From a survey of more than 12,000 students the statistics revealed that on standardized tests our kids scored more than 30 percentage points higher than their public schooled peers. But how do they fare in non-academic areas? Are we instilling in our kids the life skills they'll need to survive in the fast-paced, hard-hitting, real world? Consider the area of personal finance.Whether our children become highly paid engineers or wonderful, loving home school moms, not knowing how to manage their household's income can lead to financial and emotional disaster—disagreements over finances is one of the top reasons for divorce.He...
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