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Why volunteer?

With VHE, you can help the homeschool community in a big way! All of the work at VHE is done by volunteers—busy families just like yours who see a need and get involved! VHE volunteers are an integral part of making a difference for homeschoolers in our community.

Whether you’re interested in helping out right from your own home or at the convention, we need your help to effectively support homeschoolers and let others know about the wonderful world of homeschooling!

We've made it easy!

Whether you are interested in helping year round or just once a year for a few hours at convention, you can make a difference with VHE! Simply fill out the VHE volunteer form, and our volunteer coordinator will contact you with more information. Take some time out of your busy schedule to volunteer, and be blessed in the process!

Convention Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions:

As you might imagine, to keep a homeschool convention of this size running smoothly requires a huge amount of volunteers. Each year we need about 100 volunteers to cover various shifts on the Friday and Saturday of the convention.

This presents a great opportunity for homeschooling mom and dads to help out for a few hours and in return they can attend the entire homeschool convention for FREE!

Here’s how it works:

When you volunteer to work 3, 1 ½ hour shifts, you will receive an entrance bracelet to the entire homeschool convention!

There are many different volunteer job descriptions that you can choose from!

VHE Door Monitor: Let all guests out, but they must have a name tag, wristband, or VHE staff shirt to reenter. Just pull the doors closed behind them, and the doors automatically lock to the outside.

Front Entrance Greeters: VHE has a GREAT need for many greeters
at the convention entrance. Give warm hello’s and hand each guest
a literature bag with a program book that has information on workshops and exhibitors.

Volunteer Table Attendants: People who like to organize and work with other volunteers at the Volunteer Information table, The volunteer table volunteers, pass out name tags to volunteers and help them with maps to get to where they need be.

Workshop Volunteer: Pass out any outlines the speaker may have, take attendance, and count down the speaker at the end.
Each volunteer receives a 1 ½ hour credit to volunteer during a workshop. Please visit your speaker at his/her booth before he/she speaks, to help them break away from their booth.

Ticket Booth: Take cash, checks and credit cards from attendees, input welcome form email addresses for the newsletter and direct attendees to the entrance.